Social and Cultural structure

Traditional setup

Traditionally, the Ankobeahene of Dormaa Traditional Council serves as the chief of Nkrankwanta Traditional Area. However, the Ankobeahene nominates a native of Nkrankwanta to act on his behalf in his absence. By this arrangement, the nominated Nkrankwanta Chief seeks approval from the Ankobeahene before major decisions are taken. As a Traditional Authority, they are the custodian of lands within the District. They sit every two weeks to settle communal disputes among the citizenry. They also mobilise community members for communal labour. The main festival of the people is the Kwafie festival. This festival is celebrated in November and once in every four years. Early marriage is a common practice in the District. This situation has led to many adolescents marrying at an early age.

Ethnicity, religion and culture

The District is predominantly dominated by the Bonos. However there exist other smaller ethnic groups, including Anyins and Northern tribes including Dagati, Gruni among others. The major language spoken is Bono-Twi. In terms of religious affiliations, the people are largely Christians followed by Moslems. Despite the religious diversity, there is religious tolerance in the District. This healthy co-existence augurs well for peace, stability and development.


The Dormaa West District is not endowed with so many tourist attraction sites as compared to other districts in the region and the country at large. However, the Mpameso Forest

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