This section looks at analysis relating to the structure of the local economy, household income and expenditure, major economic activities, revenue and expenditure status, revenue base, economic resources, inter/intra-trade, economically active population local economic development issues, economic infrastructure such as roads, traffic management, potential growth rate, commodity export and their development implication. 

Main Economic Activities

The economy looks at economic activities engaged in by the people, industries in the District, revenue and expenditure status  and other economic development infrastructure.

Economic Activities

Commerce sector employs the highest proportion of the working population. It consists of an integrated system of markets, financial institutions, wholesalers/retailers, airlines and transportation businesses, hotels/restaurants among others.

Manufacturing industry ranks second highest employer and is mainly pharmaceutical companies. Among them are Trade Winds Chemist Limited, Kojach Pharmaceutical Limited and Shalom Pharmaceutical Limited.

Agricultural/forestryand fishing employ the least of the labour force. Agricultural activities in the District are mainly crop farming, backyard farming and livestock/poultry farming. The main locations consigned to crop farming are the Peri-Urban communities like Parkosso, Mesuom and Asokore Mampong. Cultivation is limited to staples like maize, leafy vegetables, cassava and plantain. Livestock rearing is also scattered in the District. The varieties of livestock reared are includes; sheep, cattle, goats and pigs. There are also several food processing groups which are mainly into groundnut paste and gari processing. These processing sites are located at Akwatialine, Akurem, Moke and Sawaba.


There are basically four main markets in the District. These are the Asawase market, Aboabo Market, the timber market at Akwatialine and the Yam market near Kontoponiafere.  Asawase market is a very busy market and the hub of kola nut and maize in the region. It serves the district as well as other neighboring Assemblies in the region and is keen in developing this market since much revenue which is used to maintain the affairs of the District is from the market. The yam market which was established two years ago covers about 4 acres of land and it is one of the biggest yam markets in the region that supplies quality yam to restaurants, hotels as well as individual consumers.



After the identification of development issues, potentials and opportunities are necessary to aid enhance the Municipal in addressing the constraints and challenges that may arise in the cause of addressing the identified development issue and hence setting up strategies to solve the development issues.

In conducting the POCC analysis, the identified priority issues were outlined with respect to each of the Thematic Areas of the MTDPF 2014-2017. This enhanced the formulation of the appropriate strategies for implementation of the oriented plans. By so doing, due consideration was given to HIV/AIDS and other cross-cutting issues


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