About (47.1%) of households are connected to the national grid. These communities that are connected are mostly found on the main trunk road from Kete-Krachi to Dambai. Very few households (0.2%) use solar lights.


There is only one large market in the district located at Kete-Krachi. Ancillary commercially viable markets exist in the other towns such as Ehiamankyene, Bommoden and Ntewusae. These periodic markets serve as the main sources of internally generated revenue for the District Assembly. The District Assembly has on-going infrastructural improvement projects aimed at developing these markets to boost trading activities in the district.

Transportation and Telecommunication

Lake and Road transport play important roles in the socio-economic development of the Krachi West District. The road network is however very low with only the Kete Krachi- Borae en route to Dambai and Kpandai being the only trunk road. Only a short portion of this main trunk road [Kete Krachi up to Kwakuae (about 10.0 Km)] has been tarred in addition to a few link roads within the Kete Krachi Township. The poor nature of the roads renders movement of goods and people a very serious challenge.

With regards to lake transport, there is a link between Krachi and Defour/Kojokrom which continues to Atebubu and Kumasi. Most travellers patronize the lake transport for business and pleasure purposes. The Volta Lake Transport Company of the Volta River Authority provides a ferry/pontoon service across the lake from Kete Krachi to Kajaji in the Sene East District of the Brong Ahafo Region.

The role of telecommunication in the socio-economic development of any spatial unit cannot be underestimated as it brings about social and economic integration through dissemination of information.

Presently, telecommunication in the district is quite enhanced, with the
presence of mobile network services by Vodafone Ghana Limited (Vodafone), Millennium Telecommunication Network Ghana Limited (M/lfTN), Millicom Ghana Limited (tiGo) and Zain Ghana Limited (Zain).  Kasapa Ghana Limited, operators of Kasapa network, have erected telecommunication masts in Osramanae, Kete-Krachi, but yet to commence operation.  

According to the 2010 Population and Housing Census, about 22% of the population 12 years and above own mobile phones while about 0.6% of the population uses internet facility. Postal services are also very effective due to the presence of Ghana Post Company



Road and water transport are the principal forms of transport in the district , Agric products produced in the district are transported both by road and water to the cities, the current road net work in the district leaves much to be desire. The road net work from Motaka to Gyankrom is untarrred. However the Kete Township has been tarred recently .

Due to the poor nature nature of road network vehicles plying the road charge unapproved fare and at times take more than approved passengers leading ot overloading and uncomfortable travel experience for passengers Since the district is surrender by water bodies it has become another means of transportation about 35% of the inhabitants in the district settled close to water bodies these account for the presence of numerous canoes on the water as the means of transport , these communities contribute to the development of the distict through their fishing activities , the large volumes of fish and food stuff are transported by canoes, ferry and a cargo vehicles to the other parts of the country.

Water Transport:

The district is almost surrounded by vast expanse of water which cannot be easily bridged for road transport.  Again there are numerous Islands which naturally can be reached only by means of ferry crafts. Dambai to Krachi, Krachi to Kojokrom (B/A) and Grubi to Salaga are only possible through the use of crafts. 

The Volta Lake Transport Company (VLTC) has been providing immeasurable services to the people on Dambai - Kete and Kete - Kojokrom crossings. The vastness of the Volta River and its numerous Islands and points of crossing are too much for one organization to effectively handle.   Private persons have taken advantage of the situation and are rendering essential services to the traveling public.

Road Transport:

The Metro Mass Transit Buses and any other can be encouraged  to provide comfortable bus services on routes such as Kete - Accra, Kete -Ho and Kete – Kumasi
Water Resources:
Perhaps the construction of the Akosombo Dam and the subsequent flooding of most areas and the dislocation of communities including some in this district presents opportunities that are yet to be fully tapped.  The spread of water-to various parts of the district have in them the resources that should be harnessed to compensate for the loss suffered.  The lake offers a comfortable movement from Akosombo up north through Kete and other towns like Bejamse. 

This is a good substitute to road transport down south in times of difficulties on the road.There is, therefore, the need to improve upon services on the lake since it also serves to cart large quantities of goods up north.   Such improvement may include the following facilities, speed boats, ferry, pontoon services on the basis of joint ventures.


The Information and Communication Technology sector is not well developed in the District. There is neither a Computer Information Centre nor a well-established internet café or a computer training Centre. However, there are two centers of computer internet service where Basic Education Certificate Examination and West African Secondary School Certificate Examination Results are checked. These centers also undertake registration for the West African Secondary School Certificate Remedial Examination.

The office of World Vision, Ghana and Krachi Senior High School operate a Wide Area Network (WAN) Wireless Internet Services which is for official use only and confined within the vicinities of these institutions. A number of computers were distributed to Basic Schools in the District under the Basic School Computerization Programme. The thrust of the programme is to facilitate the teaching of Information and Communication Technology in basic schools in the District. Some individuals in the district also applied to the Ministry of Environment, Science, and Technology and accessed computers.


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