The major transport services in the area are taxi cabs with a main taxi station at the Central Business District (CBD). There is also an enormous usage of motorbikes within the metropolis which is the main source of affordable transport for both males and females. State Transport Company, Metro Mass Transit, OA Transport and other private bus services link the Metropolis with other cities and towns in the country. For easy transport of goods and services, EMS, FEDEX, DHL and others that offer fast and reliable express services from the Metropolis to other places. There is a National Airport located at Mile 9. Major airlines such as Antrak Air, Ghana Air Force and City Link offer air services to customers in and around the Northern part of the country. The presence of air transport has an advantage for business men and women who would be trading in perishable goods.


The Metropolis enjoys frequent water supply from the Dalun and the Nawuni Water Treatment Plants. The main water system in the Metropolis is pipe borne water which is rationed and managed by Aqua Vittens Rand Limited (AVRL) in urban Tamale. Urban communities that have difficulty with water supply may have a problem with old pipe lines structure or those located on high land areas.The Ghana Water Company Limited supplies 45,000 cubic meters daily. Reports from the Company indicate that there is a surplus in treated water supply in the Metropolis. This implies water bottling companies could take this opportunity to establish bottling plants to utilize this resource in the area. This would also create employment opportunities in the area for the working youth. Others are; Town water systems, mechanized bore holes, wells, dams and dugouts.


The Metropolis enjoys electricity supply from the National Grid and about 70% of the communities are connected. Electricity supply has been fairly stable. This could be an advantage to heavy industrial development that would depend mostly on energy for production. With the expansion of electricity in the Metropolis, there is also an expansion of the Small and Medium Scale Enterprise businesses in the area.


The Metropolis also enjoys telecommunication services with an increase in telecommunication service providers such as Kasapa now operating as Expresso, Tigo Zain, Vodafone, and MTN in addition to a new network called GLO. RLG Limited has also sited their company in the metropolis which is serving as a source of employment for the youth.  Broad band service in the Metropolis is also encouraging which links the Assembly to the worldwide web. This has ensured competitive service delivery in the area. Besides, business activities are done with partners on a faster schedule globally. 

Media activities are now vibrant with an increase of 3 to 6 radio stations, 1 to 4 television stations and newspaper supply vendors. The Media houses are avenues for organizing educative programmes especially on government policies in the illiterate population in the local languages. The major problem with the newspapers is that, they arrive in the Metropolis very late and as such the public can’t afford to read current news items. With technological advancement there would be the need for a newspaper printing press located in the Metropolis to serve the three Northern Regions of the country. The table below shows some communication and other service providers in the Metropolis.


There is an Ultra-modern Sport Stadium in the Metropolis which is being managed by the Ghana Sport Council.

The Sport Stadium has contributed in boosting sporting activities in the Metropolis. Real Tamale United is the biggest football club in the Metropolis with other smaller clubs like Tamale Utrecht (First Division), Stand Fast United and Galaxy Stars which are all Second Division Teams. There are other facilities such as conference rooms, restaurants and shops within the sport stadium for public use-workshops, conferences and meetings. The inner perimeter of the stadium could also be used for entertainment activities-musical displays and others.  


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