YENDI: Motor riders cautioned to use helmet
The Municipal Chief Executive of Yendi Municipality, Alhaji Hammed Yussuf has warned all motor riders to put on helmet to prevent unnecessary accidents in the municipal.

Date Created : 2/27/2018 3:43:48 AM : Story Author : Irene Kwakye/

In an interview with, he said from 15th March 2018, there would be special operations on motorbikes within Yendi Municipality and Mion District to impound all unregistered motorbikes, arrest riders without crash helmets and riders without genuine documents.

He further said, he had met the Imams, Opinion Leaders, Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) of Trade Union Congress (TUC) Heads of Department, some Chiefs, and that letters had been sent out to churches and mosques for announcements in order to create awareness on the exercise.

He indicated that the rampant accidents are due to carelessness of the riders especially the underage boys, which is causing a huge menace in the municipality and therefore stated that the Yendi Police Motor and Traffic Unit (MTU) are doing their best to reduce the incidence and called for cooperation from riders.

He said there are also plans to embark on exercise to combat criminal activities in the area since there had been rampant thefts in the area.