KUMAWU: Tax defaulters will not be spared – DCE warned
The District Chief Executive of Sekyere Kumawu, Samuel Addai Agyeikum has stated emphatically that tax defaulters and officers that would try to manipulate the tax mobilization system to raise funds for themselves illegally would be made to face the rigorous of the law.

Date Created : 5/17/2018 5:44:41 AM : Story Author : Omono Asamoah/

According to him, he is concentrating much on internal generated fund to help the assembly execute most projects which are paramount to the citizenry.

"I have formed a task force to ensure the effectiveness of the tax collections so woe onto those that would default”, he added.

He stated this during the general assembly meeting.

In a different development, he cited on game jackpot and drug abuse to be the likely cause of declining educational standard in the district.

He continued that, he would not look on for the aforementioned canker to escalate before they look for antidotes. "The earlier the better, I have tasked some personnel to combat the activities of drug peddlers and the jackpot game operations so that such hindrances on education would be curtailed", he concluded.