MCE poised to transform New Juaben South
The Municipal Chief Executive for the New Juaben South, Isaac Appaw-Gyasi on his attempt to transform the municipality has taken a giant step of making his vision known to the media.

Date Created : 9/13/2018 5:40:46 AM : Story Author : Collins Aikins Akuffo/

He added that the municipality cannot operate without the collaborative effort of the media, hence there is the need for frequent education and awareness creation to the populace.

The MCE made these known when he mounted the podium to interact with Media practitioners, market women and transport unions within and outside Koforidua in the Eastern Region. The meeting an opportunity to familiarize himself with all the stakeholders, identify their problems and also find ways of tackling them.

His vision was focused on sanitation, decongestion and indiscriminate parking of cars.

He further appealed to the media to use their platform as a medium of communication to help create awareness of his vision in order to give the municipality a face-lift. Following his vision on sanitation, Mr. Appaw-Gyasi intends to provide bins which would be placed at vantage points and would attract monthly charges for collection of waste.

Citing when the market was built (1928), he stated that the market has outlived its purpose, therefore the time has come for us as an Assembly to rebuild an ultra-modern market that would serve its purpose and meet the need of its current users.

Touching on decongestion exercise, Mr. Appaw-Gyasi explained that currently the only place left for the Assembly to use as market place is the Zongo market which to him management sought to renovate under security operatives and ensuring of an ultra-modern toilet facilities.

He said since transport unions are the main drivers of the economy it has therefore become the responsibility of the Assembly to construct a parking lot to decrease the rate of indiscriminate parking and trafficking to avoid future occurrences.

He praised drivers for their contribution to national development through the payment of taxes. He further cautioned them to change their attitude towards certain things as the world advances technologically.

The MCE said he had put measures in place to make living more comfortable.

“We need change and that change demands discipline” he stressed. Therefore, drivers are advised to avoid unlawful parking and loading of passengers at unauthorized places.

In his interaction with market women within the municipality, Mr. Apaw-Gyasi commended them for their unflinching support towards development to the assembly. He quickly advocated for “operation clean Koforidua”, saying drivers and market women work hand in hand therefore drivers need to keep polythene bags in their cars to ensure sanity in the municipality.

Mr. Appaw-Gyasi reiterated the need to bring back municipal sanitation court which will sought to deal with culprits who fall fowl with the law.

He further called on stakeholders to do away with any political color and help him accomplish the President’s vision of making Ghana free of filth, if they have the development of Koforidua at heart.