Assembly Member decries school’s neglect in furniture distribution

Mr. Nicholas Y. Gbara, the Assembly Member for the Buka Electoral Area in the Wa West District, has decried the “virtual neglect” of the Jambusie-Ngmaabar basic school in the distribution of student furniture in the district.

Date Created : 8/21/2023 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Philip Tengzu/

He explained that the District Assembly recently distributed furniture on two occasions - some from the Wa West Member of Parliament and some from the District Assembly - to schools in the district but left out the Jambusie-Ngmaabar basic school in the Buka Electoral Area.

Mr. Gbara, who raised the concern in an interview indicated that the situation had compelled most of the students at both the Primary and Junior High schools to sit on the floor to receive academic instructions.

He added that the Jambusie-Ngmaabar basic school, which is the sole basic school in the electoral area serving four communities, was also faced with the challenge of inadequate teachers.

“Because Jambussie is a bit far from Wa, when they post teachers to that school they refuse to go.

Last year, for instance, two females were posted to that school and one refused, this year they posted another two, one reported and one refused and said the place is far,” the Assembly Member said.

He indicated that there were only four teachers at the Junior High School level managing about 75 students, which impeded quality and effective teaching and learning at the school.

Mr. Gbara appealed to the authorities at the Wa West District office of the Ghana Education Service to put in the necessary measures to ensure teachers accepted posting to deprived communities.

He suggested that teachers who did not accept posting to communities that they considered as deprived should not be re-posted to other schools in a bit to compel them to accept their postings, which would help ensure fair distribution of the teachers.

The Assembly Member also appealed to the leadership of the District Assembly to turn its attention to the Jambusie-Ngmaabar basic school to alleviate the plight of the school children including the furniture deficit.