The Annual Plan detailed out activities to be undertaken in the implementation of projects selected for the first year of the medium term planning period (2010). The Annual Plan, also known as the Action Plan serves as the basis for disbursement of all funds for the first year. For this reason, it is closely linked to the Annual Budget of the Assembly. Details on each project is indicated, and includes the activity, location, time frame, implementing agency, cost of project, funding agency and the implementing agencies.

Projects in the Annual Plan were selected based on the following criteria.

  • Project that are on-going in the District.
  • Projects with high potential for quick revenue generation and high potential for employment generation
  • Projects that can immediately and quickly facilitate achievements of the medium term plan;
  • Projects whose cost can conveniently be contained in the first year of the development budget; and
  • Projects that satisfy the urgent needs of the poor.



Date Created : 11/23/2017 2:32:17 AM