In projecting for the health facility requirement for the District, the thresholds that guarantee the provision of facilities like hospitals, health centers and clinics were used. The standards are as follows:
*Health centre------------------------------------5,000-10,000
*Health post/clinics/CHPs ---------------------200-5,000


  1.  Back-log will be provided timely to meet the population needs
  2.  Lower order facilities would be upgraded to lessen burden on the District hospital
  3.  Accessibility to facility’s catchments area would be standardized for fairly evenly distribution to service delivery
  • The projection above shows that the District does not require any hospital throughout the planning period. However, the existing facility requires upgrading for effective performance
  • The projection above also shows that in case of health centers, only three (3) additional facilities will be required to effectively deliver the health needs of the people of the District for the four years.
  • In the case of Health post/clinics/CHPs, 18 will be needed for the people.

Health Personnel Requirement

Quality health care depends to a large extent on the number and quality of personnel available. With regards to personnel assessment, the standards below were used.

The assumptions made include;
*The existing health personnel shall be maintained during the plan period.
*The backlogs would be regarded as provided annually to add to the existing personnel for the subsequent year’s calculation


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