We need a renewed commitment to national development – Apostle Peter Mankralo
Apostle Peter Okoe Mankralo, the former President of the Apostolic Church - Ghana has called for a renewed commitment to national development and the need for us (Ghanaians) to devote our energies to activities which will change our destiny and build a new foundation for prosperity.

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He urged Ghanaians to eschew every acrimonious difference and be determined not to allow religious or political intolerance to destroy the fabric of our society that causes us to see only the worse in every action of our opponents.

The former TAC-President in his message to the country during the new year service at the Calvary District of the Apostolic Church - Ghana at Madina asserts that the politicization of development issues is counter-productive to the socio-economic progress of the country; adding that such tendencies would rather compound the problems we are faced with as a nation, hence the need to desist from them.

According to him there are really problems that divide us, problems that can lead to uncertainties, "but we must look to God for our true merry making during this season and reconcile so that we can live in a progressive society with good-will with one another". He reminded all and sundry that no matter what, we remain one people, one nation, with a common destiny.

This, he noted, is why it is imperative for all Ghanaians to rally around the national vision to make the country a better place to live in; “especially when the president, Nana Akufo-Addo has waged war against corruption, armed robbery, terrorism, galamsey, exploration and all forms of crime”.

Apostle Mankralo also indicated that while they commending the government for the implementation of the Free Senior High School policy, it is their expectations that every challenge that the programme is faced with would be addressed and all rough edges straightened that all will support the policy to ensure its success, “so that no child may be educationally disadvantaged".

He called on all Ghanaians to forge ahead more purposeful, more visionary and more determined to safeguard the peace and stability and democratic achievements of the country.

The Man of God who attributed the current challenges confronting the country to the growing immorality and lack of discipline among the citizenry said every effort must be made to create the right atmosphere of love, togetherness and biblical discipline for our children to grow in.

He said our unity, high sense of discipline definitely impacts the children in our churches and around us and we must always ensure to uphold high moral standards for the younger ones to emulate.

He challenged Christians and for that Matter Ghanaians to stand up and restore discipline in the country if we are truly the light of the world as stated in the Bible.

He admonished that though they are not totally sure what the year holds for the country, he expressed a firm conviction that by the grace of God, with unity and hard work, the year 2023 would be a better year both for the development of the church and the nation and for the attainment of our hopes and aspirations.

"Surely God will uplift us from our present economic hardship, social deprivation and all that is working against us and Ghana shall become a transparent and prosperous nation with unique people devoid of vindictiveness, bickering and fear", he added.