Traditional Set up

Traditionally, the district has only one paramountcy. This is the Agona Traditional Authority. The remaining communities serve under other paramountcies found in the region. These include Mampong, Ejisu etc.

Religious Composition

The people of the district are mostly segmented into three religious groups namely:
•    Christians
•    Moslem
•    Traditional Believers

The Christians are in the majority with the Adventist dominating. This is followed by Moslems. The only two sects in the district are the Allisunas and the Tigyanians. The Traditional believers are in the minority.

Tourism Attractions

  Unlike the other districts in the region which have so many tourist centers to boast of, the Afigya Sekyere District alone has the following as the main tourist centers currently serving the District.

They are the Jamasi scarp, Kyinaman/afram shrines ,Kente Weaving at Denase, Tabre Buom, Trobo Waterfall, Aboye Festival, Offinso-Ahenkro confluence (Nkosuotem),Afram Headwater, Onwang forest Reserves Offin Water,Asufu East and Gianima .

The Assembly is planning to develop these potential centers to become an international scene.

The district’s market centres can also be further developed, although there are already three weekly functional markets at Wiamoase, Aboamang and Agona currently in the district. As a producer of various types of crops, the district has the potential to develop better functioning market centres.

The tourism potential of the district arise from its history, its position in the region as a craft production centre, its traditional systems and institutions and the sacred and religious activities carried out at the many shrines in the district.

The following is the main tourist centres in the District.

. Agona/krofonso/Bipoa and the relics of Okomfo Anokye

. Afram Shrine

. Asamang Gadawu Shrine

. Tabre Boomu (The Cave House)

. The Monkey sanctuary at kyekyewere

. The Aboye Festival

. Kente Weaving at Bepoase All these tourist attractions, however, are in their raw stage and needs to be developed.

The District Assembly is working hard to develop these potentials to make the district a major tourist destination in the region. What is now required is active participation of the private sector to develop these potentialities.

Indeed, the same situation applies to the other economic opportunities bestowed on the district in part by nature and in part by human efforts.

They exist across several sectors of economic activities, simply awaiting invest Dce Projects Per Community.

 For detailed information on DCE’s projects per Community, refer to pfd file attached.


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