The main economic activity in the District is Agriculture. The major agricultural activities in the District are crop production (94.9% of households), livestock rearing (47.0% of households) and fish farming which also employs less than one percent (0.1%) of the total number of households employed in agriculture. In general, the agriculture sector employs 72.8 percent of total household in the District. Some of the crops cultivated include cassava, maize, rice, plantain, cocoyam, yam, oil palm, cocoa, coffee, banana, avocado pear, citrus and mango among others.

In addition to the crop production, some households rear animals like local poultry, sheep and goats at their backyard but potential exist for commercial poultry production as the District has adequate resource persons at the Agric directorate.


Date Created : 11/17/2017 4:54:23 AM