Ekumfi DCE appeals for investment in granite and salt exploration
The Ekumfi District Chief Executive (DCE), Mr Ebenezer Monney, has encouraged both domestic and international investors to look into the region’s salt and granite industries.

Date Created : 9/9/2022 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Alex Tagoe/

He claimed that the two minerals were abundant in the area and could be exploited to significantly benefit the local economy.

Speaking in an interview, Mr Monney stated that the Assembly remained dedicated to generating wealth through employment for young people and assisting in lowering the area’s poverty rate.

He reaffirmed the Assembly’s commitment to creating an environment that allows all potential businesses to thrive, produce, and export goods for the benefit of everyone.

He added that the Assembly’s determination to assist the national industrialization push through the “One District, One Factory” program in order to achieve faster development is key to the move.

Speaking further about the salt potential, Mr. Monney said that, because research showed that the country produced around 60% of the world’s salt, the district had the greatest potential for salt production in West Africa.

He said that the chemical industry, which produces Chlo-alkali (chlorine and caustic soda) and synthetic soda ash, was steadily increasing its consumption of salt on a global scale.

Mr. Monney said that Ekumfi-Asaman possessed enormous granite reserves that could be used for monuments, ornamental stone, building materials, and architecture.

For concrete used in highway and infrastructure projects as well as durable road building materials, more than 40% of granite is crushed.

Regarding other industries, Mr. Monney stated that the region has great potential for processing tiger nut and oil palm milk, as well as cassava for fortified gari, pineapple processed goods, and other tourism opportunities, including the birthplace of former President John Evans Atta Mills.