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Information and Communication

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have become important tools in today’s knowledge-based information society and economy. This role of ICT in an emerging economy such as Ghana’s, has been widely recognized at various levels. The recognition is reflected in actions such as the development and deployment of a national ICT infrastructure, institutional and regulatory framework for managing the sector, promoting the use of ICT in all sectors of the economy, implementing e-governance in all government institutions and the construction of a National Data Centre as well as Regional Innovation Centres.


Information and communications technology (ICT) is important for sustainable development in every country. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has become an important tool in today’s knowledge-based information society and economy. It is also recognized as an important component of socio-economic development.


Ownership of Mobile Phones

The 2010 PHC data shows that, BrongAhafo region has a total population of 1,547,336 aged 12 years and above with only 622,715 representing 40.2 percent owning mobile phones whilst Kintampo North Municipal has only 21,031 (33.9 percent) out of 62,118 persons 12 years and older. 

About 56.2 percent of males and 43.8 percent of females owns mobile phones.Kintampo North Municipal also has a higher proportion 71.5 percent of males using internet facility and 28.5 percent for females aged 12 years and older. Out of the 62,118 persons aged 12years and older only 437 representing 2.5 percent of the population aged 12 years and older uses internet facility.The Municipal has only 385 (2.0 percent) households having fixed telephone lines with male heads having a higher of 68.6 percent and 31.4 percent for female heads of households. Males have higher portions of desktop or laptop computer representing 75.0%. Females have a lower portion of 25.0 percent.

Science and Technology

Emphasizes will be placed on ICT especially data on science and its analysis at the center of the Municipal development agenda. The Municipality will also strategize to position its self at the hub of ICT. There is therefore the need to mainstream the activities of ICT into the development agenda of the Kintampo North Municipality. The Municipality will also collaborate with the private sector to improve telecommunications accessibility, create opportunities for entrepreneurship increase citizen’s accessibility to data platforms among others.



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