Ablekuma West educates residents on referendum
The Ablekuma West Municipal Assembly in the Greater Accra Region is sensitizing residents on the upcoming three fold election slated for December 17

Date Created : 11/7/2019 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Elizabeth Yaa Brobbey

The exercise is ongoing in the five Electoral Areas namely: Mansralo Electoral Area, Gbebu Electoral Area, Shiabu Electoral Area, Opetekwe Electoral Area and Mampongokai Electoral Area to urge residents to participate in the Assembly elections, Unit Committee elections and the referendum.

Mrs Shalomia Awu-Bekoe, Municipal Information Officer, Ablekuma West Municipal Assembly, told the Ghana News Agency in an interview that the Assembly was partnering the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) to sentizise the citizenry in the Municipality on the election issues adding that they had started with 20 churches so far.

She said in order to widen the scope, the Assembly had drafted its Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) personnel and other staff members to boost the exercise.

Mrs Bekoe revealed that the team would also visit Mosques and meet other groups like the Ghana Private and Road Transport Union (GPRTU), Hairdressers Associations, Fishermen and Fish Mongers and Market women to sentizise on the need to participate in the December 17 elections.

"We will be going to senior high schools to sensitize students who are eligible voters. We started the campaign three weeks ago and it is ongoing. We have songs and jingles that would be played in our Vans as  we move
around", she added.

She asked all citizens to engage in the district level elections to elect their representatives at the local level.

On the referendum, she said, a yes vote would make those voted into power accountable to the grass roots and help address their concerns and grievances.

Mrs Bekoe noted that the elections would also pave way for independent candidates and minority parties to get the chance to be Assembly and Unit Committee members and this would promote multi-party democracy instead of 
the unofficial two party system being practiced in the Nation.

The December 17 referendum seeks to put a question to amend the Article 55 clause 3 in the 1992 constitution and that would determine whether Metropolitan, Municipal District Chief Executives would be elected based on party lines.