NANUMBA S: 13 communities declared open defecation free
The District Chief Executive for the Nanumba South District, Natogmah Ibrahim Mukaila has hailed the Local Government and Decentralisation policy designed by the 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana.

Date Created : 11/15/2017 3:03:28 AM : Story Author : Cliff

According to him, the operation of this policy has provided for the transfer of some appreciable level of policy formulation, political, financial and infrastructural development autonomy to the MMDAS.

This, he said, has ensured a relatively high level of development in terms of human resource and infrastructure in particular. Apart from this, the fact that the people are part of the promulgation of the very policies that affect them makes the system more beautiful and attractive, he added.

He also told the crowd that as DCE his number one priority would be to ensure an effective and reliable revenue generation system which according to him is the engine for growth and development. As a result, he appealed to the people to change their attitudes and be prepared to pay necessary taxes to ensure the rapid development of the District including ensuring good sanitation.

He pleaded with the people to exercise more patience, for issues of development is not an event but, a process and so with time all shall be well.

Mr. Mukaila made these remarks when he was interacting with the people in a citizens' forum at the Sunkuli Area Council in Wulensi on Wednesday, 1st November 2017.

Thirteen (13) communities were honoured and declared “Open Defeccation Free (ODF)” following the operation of the Community Lead Total Sanitation program in the District.

Two (2) presentations were made by the Development and planning unit and the Finance department respectively to demonstrate to the people the level of income and expenditure as well the quantum of developmental projects the Assembly and her development partners including central Government have been able to put up across the District since 2014.

Various departmental heads were present to help address issues raised by the participants during the open forum.