Land guards terrorize Apesika residents
Activities of landguards continue to be the bane of development to the people of Apesika in the Nsawam-Adoagyiri Municipality of the Eastern Region.

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Like many other new sites in most parts of the Greater Accra Region, and other major cities in Ghana, gun-wielding thugs, continue to arrogate to themselves the right to lands and will not allow lawful owners to develop the lands or use it as an avenue to dupe people of their monies.

Not only are innocent individual landowners being chased from their lands, but the chief, the Abakomahene of Ketase, Nana Kwadwo Gyimah, who is supposed to be the custodian of the land was also not spared.

Felix Nii Ago Adjei Doku, a Ghanaian investor with some foreign partners has expressed worry he may not be able to achieve his goal following the threats from these arm wielding gangs who are not allowing anyone to work on their land and appropriated the lands to themselves.

Felix Doku who has established a basic school, from creche to the junior high level in the Samsam Community and has run it for free for the people for the past 10 years, said the new developments in the pipeline for which he has acquired the 34acres of land since 2016, if not implemented would greatly affect the socio-economic lives of the people negatively.

“My land is situated at Apesika near the new Accra Technical University at Samsam Mempehuasem, and the prospects of the area, I suspect might be the reason the litigation is happening.” The Technical University, he noted, without doubt, will lead to accelerated development of the area, so it is obvious there would be scrabbling for lands around this area, he stated.

“I have links with some catholic nuns who are coming to build schools, hospitals, and other facilities for the benefits of the people, but the current unfortunate incident paints a gloomy picture for the future.”

“I’m only trying to give back to society, particularly Ghana. I live in Austria as an artist, and write books about Africa and its culture just to project a good image of Africa, and if I decide to invest back my proceeds in my country for the greater good of our society, I think I should rather be applauded and not treated this way.”

He was also appalled that the development will drive a lot of investors away and tarnish the good image of Ghana as a preferred investment destination in West Africa.

According to Mr. Felix Doku, though the case has been reported to the police, not much has been done to stop the intrusion on the land by any of the parties involved. Instead, Alhaji Kwasi Graham who claimed to be the owner of the land, and the very person who brought in the armed thugs, has been allowed to grade the whole land destroying all pillars and ongoing developments on the land.

He indicated that Alhaji Kwasi Graham is known to have been exhibiting similar lawless behaviour, terrorizing residents in and around Fete Kakraba near Kasoa in the Gomoa East District. And with his close associate, one Borkorborkor, popularly known as ‘policeman’, they have invaded the Apesika, Samsam, and its environs and taken the peace of the area away.

Felix Doku can’t believe, the thugs are behaving like lords who are beyond reproach and assume so much power that they have no regard even for the law enforcement agencies, in this case, the police.

“The Police were here to carry out a composite search, which results in they promised to make available by January 12 this year, but while we await that report, the Alhaji Kwasi Graham guy has brought in bulldozers to destroy every pillar, and building materials on the land and the police did very little to stop him.”

He claimed to have documents, and I also have my documents but the chief doesn’t even know him, he added.

Mr. Felix Doku is thus calling on the police to stamp their authority and stop Alhaji Kwasi Graham from carrying out any activity on the disputed land pending the determination of the case. Moreso, he should be called upon to cease any destruction and move his armed wielding gangs from the place.

“If you bought a land legitimately, why would you bring about twenty armed wielding gangs to the land. Even if you have some challenges, do we not have appropriate means of resolving them, why to take the path of lawlessness and intimidation of innocent citizens? Felix queried.

He commended the Eastern Regional Land Commission, saying, “you cannot have two registrations for the same piece of land in the Eaten Region, hence they can attest to who owns the land”, he emphasized.

The Abakomahene of Ketase, Nana Kwadwo Gyimah, corroborated Mr. Felix Nii Ago Adjei Doku’s story and painted a harrowing scene in the area with the activities of the land guards.

He narrated how he was chased with weapons, and his house destroyed by the thugs, and how traumatized that has made him to the extent that he cannot step foot on the land because of the ever-presence of the thugs.