Kadjebi Agenda 111 Hospital project progresses at faster rate
The 100-Bed Capacity Hospital for Kadjebi under the Ghana Priority Health Infrastructure Project-Agenda 111 is progressing at a faster rate.

Date Created : 7/12/2023 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Daniel Agbesi Latsu/

The project is being undertaken by Core Construction Limited (LEAD) and DOT-Alan Limited with Indigene Associates Limited serving as consultants.

Mr. M. Alfred Tettegah, a Site Engineer revealed that the super structure work was 70 per cent complete.

He disclosed that OPD, Reception, Laboratory, and Diagnosis sections of the Hospital had been roofed, while the Physiotherapy section was yet to be roofed.

Mr. Tettegah dismissed the assertion that Agenda 111 projects in the country had stalled as they were at site working.

He said works started in May 2021 for the 18-month project indicating they might not meet the completion deadline since they were faced with financial releases.

The Site Engineer said the rainfall pattern was also disturbing the progress of work as they must stop work anytime rain sets in.
The Site Engineer said the Company had 32 casual and five permanent workers, who were working hard to see the project come to fruition.

Mr. Eric Nana Takyi, Kadjebi District Director of Health Services said, the completion of the project would mean much to them as currently their referral Hospital was St. Mary Theresa Hospital, Dodi-Papase, but residents of Kadjebi preferred going to Jasikan Hospital because of its proximity.

Nana Takyi said if the Hospital was in Kadjebi, then referral would be simple, there would be preventable deaths, OPD per capita in the district also increased.

He said some pregnant women, who could not deliver in the Health Centres because of the peculiar nature of their health, would also deliver safely in the Kadjebi Hospital and that the Antenatal Care attendance would also rise.