Accept and vote against politicians who offer Money for vote - NDC Communicator admonishes
The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Communication Officer for Prestea Huni-Valley Constituency in the Western Region, Kwame Bonful Acheampong Junior has strongly advised voters to accept money or items but votes against any politician who will exchange money for vote aiming to induce voters to win power.

Date Created : 9/11/2019 8:43:39 AM : Story Author : William Dei-Gyau/Ghanadistricts.com

Speaking to Ghanadistricts.com in a recent interview, the NDC communicator stressed that 'Cash for vote' in electoral process in some voting grounds, has led to the selection of wrong political hierarchies in the country which the end result has affected negatively on the state affairs and the country at large.

Mr Kwame Bonful Acheampong Junior believes that it is not certain that a local god or deity will crush to death someone who has voted against a politician after paying huge amount of money to voters to vote in his favour.

He said, the high rate of flaunting money and items during election is very disheartening which needs a strong condemnation to ensure free and fair elections in the country.

He described people who pay money for vote as looters of the state and are always looting from the coffers thus, calling on the citizenry not to entertain that.

To ensure economic and infrastructural development in our society, he advised Ghanaians to vote for competent leaders who can run the economy to a greater height.