Asene-Manso-Akroso Assembly sensitizes communities on payment of tax
The Asene-Manso-Akroso District Assembly, one of the thirty-eight newly created assemblies introduced by the current government curved from the Birim Central Municipality in the Eastern Region, made a house to house approach to sensitize and educate the citizenry on the importance of paying tax as a citizen of Ghana.

Date Created : 11/16/2018 7:05:11 AM : Story Author : William Dei-Gyau/

The event which took place in the Asene Community saw the active participation of the District Chief Executive Alex Kwabena Incoom leading the Revenue Mobilization Team of the Assembly moving from house to house, shops to shops educating and encouraging the community members to do well in paying their taxes to support the development of the District Assembly.

According to the DCE who was trying to justify the relevance of the activity while speaking to explained that "as a new District we need to undertake many infrastructural projects and we can only do that when we are financially sound, so it is our duty as an Assembly to educate our people on the importance of playing their role as a people to make the local governance concept a reality by satisfying their tax obligations to raise the financial base of the District to cater for these projects".

He also emphasized that "this activity is also geared toward informing our people of the new District and that we are no longer depending on the Brim Central Municipal Assembly for development and that we can only develop our district only when we satisfy our tax obligations by paying our market daily levies, our property rates and any other levy required to be satisfied by citizenry".

The DCE who is barely three months old in office has brought about some infrastructural boost with support from the office of the Member of Parliament of the area Hon. George Kwame Aboagye.

These include the renovation of the Akim Akroso maternity ward serving about 40000 resident which roof got ripped off by a heavy rain storm some few months ago.

"I am only three months old as the District Chief Executive of this Assembly, we are prepared to fast track the developmental agenda of these our district, we have with the support of the office of the Member of Parliament renovated the Akim Akroso maternity block which is serving about 40000 people in that area" he noted.

In addition, Mr. Alex Incoom revealed that "We have again advertised two projects in the national print media for the construction of two 6-unit classroom blocks for the Asene and the Akim Akroso communities which we are expected to award the contract in the first week of December".

The development oriented DCE again stated that they have developed a new design for the reconstruction of the Akim Akroso market serving over 150 Communities in that catchment area which they have forwarded to the middle belt development Authority for consideration to start the construction early next year.

We are benefiting from the social interventions programmes like the free senior high school, the school feeding program which can the assembly is on course soliciting to enroll all schools in this District, planting for food and jobs among others introduced by the central government.

The assembly is also playing a supervision and monitoring role on the rural electrification project on going in the district

He then appealed to the people of the district to desist from tax invasion in order to help build the new district since none of the above can be achieved if not from the revenue mobilisation from the citizens of the District after encouraging them to rally their support behind President Nana Akufo Addo and his government to transform the country to the benefit of all.