Minister presents motorbikes to Agric Extension Officers
The Upper East Regional Minister, Stephen Yakubu has presented eighty-five (85) MT motorbikes to some Agriculture Extension Officers to supervise farmers under the Modernizing Agriculture in Ghana (MAG) through the support of the Canadian Government.

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Presenting the motorbikes, the Minister said the Extension Officers are those who actually visit the farmers to provide the expertise therefore needed this support to enable them do their work well.

He added that the region produces a lot of food crops that feed the nation and bring some amount of revenue to the farmers and their dependents so with this supports, farmers would increase their yields.

He, therefore, entreated the beneficiaries of the motorbikes to use them for the purpose for which they had been procured, “this is some people taxes used to help our people so endeavor to maintain them to last longer” he advised.

The Regional Minister again cautioned them against drunk-riding to avoid accident because according to him motorbike is the main source of accident in the region and he also urged them always wear their helmets before starting any journey.

Receiving the keys to motors by the Regional Director of Agriculture, Mr. Francis Anor promised the minister that the staff would use the motors carefully and effectively adding he would task the District Directors of Agriculture to ensure that every week they inspect them to ensure that they are constantly maintained.

Mr. Anor indicated that with the provision of these motorbikes food production would automatically increase since the officers would visit farmers and provide the needed technical and material support for the farmers.