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PART I—Districts And District Assemblies Sections
1.    Creation of Districts
2.    Responsibility of Electoral Commission
3.    Establishment of District Assemblies
4.    Incorporation of District Assemblies
5.    Composition of District Assemblies
6.   Qualifications and disqualifications of members of                               District                               Assemblies

7.    Mode of seeking election to Assembly
8.    Cessation of office of members of District Assemblies
9.    Revocation of mandate of member of District Assembly
10.    Functions of District Assemblies
11.    District Assemblies to approve budgets
12.    Planning and other functions of District Assemblies
13.    Functions under other enactments
14.    Health officers of District Assemblies
15.    District Assemblies to delegate functions
16.    Duties of members of Assembly
17.    Presiding member of District Assembly
18.    Meetings of District Assemblies
19.    Executive Committee of District Assemblies
20.    District Chief Executive
21.    Functions of the Executive Committee
22.    Meetings of Executive Committee
23.    Dissolution of Executive Committee
24.    Sub-committees of Executive Committee
25.    Functions of sub-committees
26.    Instrument of establishment of Metropolitan Assemblies
27.   Establishment of Public Relations and Complaints Committee
28.    District Chief Executive to address Assembly
29.    Other appointees of President to address Assembly
30.    District Assemblies to provide transport services
31.    Provision of offices, etc. by District Assemblies
32.    Joint Committees of District Assemblies
33.    Joint commercial activity
34.    Power to charge fees
35.    Writing off irrecoverable arrears of revenue
36.    District Co-ordinating Director
37.    Local Government Service and staff of District Assembly
38.    District Assemblies to establish departments
39.    District Tender Boards
40.    Assemblies’ power to insure
41.    Ancillary powers of District Assemblies
42.    Investigation by President
43.    Power to enforce functions of Assemblies
44.    Expenses in respect of transferred functions
45.    Assemblies to make contributions to Association

PART II—Planning Functions Of District Assemblies
46.    Establishment of District Planning Authority and its functions
47.    District development plans
48.    Compliance with district development plans
49.    Permit to carry out physical development
50.    Development charges
51.    Development permit to be conditional or unconditional
52.    Enforcement in respect of unauthorised development
53.    Enforcement in respect of execution of district plans
54.    Enforcement against nuisance
55.    Enforcement against unauthorised development in respect of community right of space
56.    Claims for compensation
57.    Appeals
58.    Appeals Advisory Boards
59.    Functions of Appeals Advisory Board
60.    Recovery of betterment
61.    Non-conforming land allocations and transactions
62.    Building bye-laws
63.    National building regulations
64.    Building permits and unauthorised buildings
65.    Signing of plans of special buildings
66.    Delegation of functions
67.    Request for information
68.    Power of entry
69.    Immunity of officers from liability

PART III—Provision Of Fire Service
70.    Application of fire service provisions
71.    Power of entry of premises
72.    Control of Traffic
73.    Penalty for obstruction
74.    Penalty for false alarms
75.    Enquiries by Committee into origin of fire

PART IV—Licences
76.    Licensing of vehicles
77.    Entertainment licences
78.    Provisions as to licences generally

79.    District Assembly to make bye-laws
80.    Validity of bye-laws
81.    Model bye-laws
82.    Copy of bye-laws to be deposited at Assembly offices
83.    Evidence of bye-laws

PART VI—Acquisition  Of Immovable Property
84.    Power of Assembly to acquire land
85.    Development charges on serviced land

PART VII— Financial Matters
86.    Revenue of Local government bodies
87.    Expenditure
88.    Power to borrow
89.    Investment of funds
90.    Accounts
91.    Power of Minister to give financial instructions
92.    District budgets
93.    Access to records of District Assemblies

94.    Rating authority
95.    Duty to make sufficient rates
96.    Method of rating
97.    Making and levying of rate
98.    Date and place of payment of rate
99.    Exemptions from and remission of rates
100.  Minister to issue guidelines
101.  Claim for amount of rate
102.   Rates on immovable property to be charged on the premises
103.   Rate of Assessment Committees
104.   Notice where general or special rate not paid
105.   Notice of mortgage in respect of rateable premises
106.   Proceedings in case of non-payment of rates
107.   Agreement between landlord and tenant
108.   Penalty for refusal to pay rates and wilful misrepresentation
109.   Penalty for inciting a person not to pay rates
110.   Penalty for unauthorised collection of rates
111.   Rate payers and rate collectors
112.   Penalty in respect of offences by rate collectors
113.   Proceedings for rates
114. Payment of rates by public boards, institutions and Government
115.    Employers to deduct rates from employers’ remuneration
116.    Rating authority to appoint agent for collection of rates
117.    Set-off and refund
118.    Penalty
119.  Duty to give information and inspection of premises in respect of rates

PART IX—Internal Audit
120.    Internal Audit

PART X—Audit
121.    Auditor-General to audit accounts of District Assemblies
122.    Auditor-General may disallow or surcharge
123.    Recovery of sums certified due
124.    Suspension pending appeal
125.    Publication of annual statement of accounts and auditors’ report
126.    Definition of "audit"

PART XI—Legal Proceedings, Notices
127.    Notice of suit to be given to Assembly
128.    Mode of service on Assembly
129.    Description of property
130.    Power of entry
131.    Publication of notices
132.    Occupier to provide specified particulars

PART XII—Privileges And Immunities
133.    Freedom of speech and proceedings in Assembly
134.    Immunity from proceedings for acts in Assembly
135.    Immunity from service as juryman
136.    Immunity from service of process and arrest
137.    Immunity from publication of proceedings
138.    Privileges of witnesses
139.    Contempt of Assembly

PART XIII— Regional Co-Ordinating Councils
140.    Establishment of Regional Co-ordinating Councils
141.    Composition of Regional Co-ordinating Councils
142.    Functions of Regional Co-ordinating Councils
143.    Planning functions of Regional Co-ordinating Councils
144.    Meetings of Regional Co-ordinating Councils
145.    Regional Minister
146.    Regional Management

PART XIV—Miscellaneous
147.    Obstruction of officers
148.    Penalty for unqualified person sitting or voting in Assembly
149.    Delegation of powers of President or Minister
150.    Supply of information to the President or Minister
151.    Staff of the Assembly to make proper account of monies and properties in their charge
152.    Financial interest in District Assembly’s contracts
153.    Protection of members and staff
154.    Recovery of monies due by way of deduction
155.    Offences by bodies of persons
156.    Proof of acts of authority
157.    Payment of allowances to Assembly-members and staff
158.    Regulations
159.    Amendments of Schedules
160.    Amendment of other enactments
161.  Departments to cease to exist, staff transferred to local government service
162.    Interpretation
163.    Repeals and savings
164.    Coming into force of sections 38 and 161.
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