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The problem analysis of the Ketu North District has led to the identification of numerous problems which accounted for the low level of development in the District. This necessitated the formulation of District development goal and objectives which are envisaged to be achieved by the end of the Medium Term Development Plan from 2010 to 2013. These goal and objectives have been set in line with the seven thematic areas of 2010-2013 Medium Term Development Policy Frameworks.

In addition, policies have been formulated to highlight the vision for the District and create the enabling environment within which the plan would be operational. Specific strategies have been identified, and are expected to be used to achieve the objectives leading to the attainment of the ultimate goal. (See Table 3.1 for an elaboration of the goal, objectives and strategies).

It is expected that the successful implementation of these programmes and projects designed would yield the desired effect of an improved standard of living in the District by 2013.

District Development Goal, Objectives and Strategies

The focus of the MTDP of the District (2010-2013) is to improve the living standard of the people in the District by facilitating effective sustained growth and poverty reduction through effective resource mobilization and management.

The Medium Term Development Strategic Policy Framework acknowledges that a causal link exists between the District Goal and the National Goal. To this end, at a working session, the District Goal was subjected to compatibility analysis with the National Goal. At the end of this exercise, it was observed that none of the District goals conflict with the national goal. This makes the District goals very implementable.

Objectives and strategies to achieve the above Goal of the District are tabulated below.

Refer to pdf file attached for tables

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