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physical characteristic

Areas noted for timber logging activities are Kwahu Tafo, Asakraka, Adawso, Osubeng, Aduhema, Hweehwee and Sepoa.  Others are Bepong, Pepease, Abene, Suminakese, Asuboni, Asikam and Mota.  Since 1972 about 1,794 acres of trees have been planted in the district.  Among the types of trees planted are Teak, Ginelyna, cafrella, Leauceama, cassia, Amnu and Adinam.  Bush fires have destroyed majority of Tongyas established within the forest reserves to replace the lost vegetation.

Mineral Resources
Kwahu South District is endowed with some mineral resources of economic importance.  Notable among them are gold, bauxite, manganese, granite stone and clay.  The bulk of these mineral resources remains untapped and could be found in the following locations as shown in the table below:

Bauxite Mount Odwenanoma
Gold Besease, Odumase, Obomeng, Asikam, Aduhema, Mota, Hweehwee, Kwahu Praso                                             
Manganese Mount Odwenanoma
Granite Stone Bokuruwa, Abena Hweehwee, Sempoa, Abetifi, Nkyenekyene, Ankoma, Amate, New Oworobong
SOURCE: National Population Census 2000.

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