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Monitoring and Evaluation

The local Government Act, 1993 (ACT 462) that established the District Assemblies gave the DPCUs the responsibility of performing the activities of monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects.This Unit performs this advising role for the District Planning Authority through the preparation of monitoring and evaluation plan and are required to submit quarterly reports to the NDPC with copies to the RPCUs.

The sectoral agencies also perform similar roles of monitoring and evaluation for actual project monitoring and both receive significant assistance from the community as well aS governmental/non-governmental organisations.

This section deals with the monitoring and evaluation formats and establishes the responsibilities for monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects from the planning stage to implementation stage.

Monitoring of Projects
Monitoring is the continuous assessment of project implementation in relation to agreed schedules, and of the use of inputs, infrastructure, and services by project beneficiaries. This means that Project monitoring formally begins following actual implementation of the project and specifically when the project commenced.

The essence of monitoring at the commencement of project is to ensure that the progress of work proceeds in accordance with time schedules outlined in the Programme of Action and the Action Plan. Identified programme objectives should be tested in relation to the OVI and the MOV in the logical framework.

On commencement of the project, the DPCU and/or responsible implementing agency should prepare a detailed and realistic workplan of main and sub-activities of the project showing expected starting and completion dates as well as milestones. The outcome should be displayed in simple graphic presentations as bar charts and line graphs and displayed for the attention of all stakeholders. This is important to support the implementation of the project and to feed back into the design of other initiatives.

Monitoring Reports
Regular monitoring of project implementation generates vital information on project performance and is important for the adjustment in the programme in order to promote the attainment of objectives and targets. This information should be analysed and presented in a report according to the formats and contents of monitoring report prescribed by NDPC; Act 480. The monitoring report should cover the broad spectrum of activities and investments being implemented in the POA and should be presented according to the format headed

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