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The Metropolitan Unit of the Town & Country Department is mainly concerned with the preparation of planning schemes (layouts) for public and stool lands and the formulation of policies to direct and guide the spatial growth and physical’development of’Kumasi Metropolis"; and the management of development to achieve orderly and sustainable physical and socio-economic development of the Kumasi Metropolitan Area.

Overview of the Department
The mandate of the Unit is derived from the Town and Country Planning Ordinance Cap. 84 and the Local Government Act, Act 462 1993. Proper placement of the Department under a specific Ministry to cany out its roles and responsibilities effectively and efficiently has been a grave concern. Over the past year, it has moved from the umbrella of the dissolved Ministry of Environment and Science to Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and the Environment.

General Profile of the Organization
The Kumasi Metropolitan Unit of the Town and Country Planning Department, as mandated by the Ordinance Cap 84 and Local Government Act, Act 462 1993 has the vision of attaining orderly and sustainable physical and socio-economic development of the Kumasi Metropolitan Area.
During the year under review, the Unit pursued the functions below for the attainment of its vision.
  1. Formulation of long-term comprehensive plans technically referred as strategic plan
  2. Preparation of land use plan to guide development
  3. Development management to ensure compliance to the approved planning schemes
  4. Development promotion through public education
  5. Research and Special Projects
Organizational Structure
The following are the functions and responsibilities of the various members of staff:

Metropolitan Director
He is the Unit Head and therefore serves as coordinator all activities within the department.

Planning Officers
They carry out site inspections, Preparation of planning schemes, Vetting of development applications, Represents the Department on various Committees in Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly and the Preparation of minutes of Kumasi Planning Comment Reports etc.

Technical Officers
They are responsible for the scaling of drafted planning Schemes for approvals.

The administrator is responsible for the filling of letters and documentation in general.

Clerical Staff
They are in charge of typing of letters etc.

Accounts Officers
They are responsible for matters relating to income and expenditure of the department.

Labourers/ Cleaners/ Security men
They are in charge of the cleaning, weeding, security etc. of the department.
Human Resources Management  Analysis
Total Strength — Twenty-one (21)
Gender Ratio : Male/ Female : 14/7
: Senior/Junior : 5/15

Age Distribution
Age Distribution    Total Number
20 - 35                        -    6
36 - 45                        -    4       
45 - 55                        -    9
56 and above             -    3
Staff on contract         -    1

Town and Country Planning(Laws Establishing the Department
  1. The Town and Country Planning Department was established in the mid 1940’s with the promulgation of the Town and Country Planning Ordinance, Cap 84, 1945.
  2. The Department was established as a central government organisation with regional and district branches.
  3. Decentralised Department of District Assemblies under Local Government Law, Act 462. The Town and Country Planning Ordinance makes provision for:
  4. The orderly and progressive development of land, towns and other areas whether urban or rural, to preserve and improve the amenities thereof and for other matters connected herewith.’
  • Promote The Orderly, Harmonious "And Sustainable Spatial Development Of Accra As The Capital City
  • Co-Ordinate Actions To Enhance Proper Land use Planning And Development
  • Promote Implementation Of Planning Schemes (Planning & Building Regulations Application)
  • Promote Citizen Participation In Socio Economic Development
  • Sustain Public Education And Awareness Creation On Physical Development Issues
Functions of the Department
The Department carries out its responsibilities through:
  1. The formulation of broad policies and plans relating to the use and development of land.
  2. Data Collection, Analysis Reporting On Physical And Socio- Economic Indices
  3. Preparation Of Structure And Detailed Plans To Guide Planning And Development
  4. Secretariat For The Management Of Physical Development (Accra Metro Planning Committee) >The preparation of regulatory detail plans and proposals to direct development and growth of settlements.
  5. Controlling and monitoring the diverse physical developments promoted by all developers to ensure compliance with settlement plans and" policies.
  6. Development promotion through advice on planning and development to government agencies, private organisations, groups and individuals.
Role of Town and County Planning Department (National Level)
  • Establish and operationalise human settlement policies to guide, develop and manage urbanization and rural/ urban settlement systems to effectively support national economic performance.
  • To build up the requisite capacity at all levels of government to provide the detail planning services required.
  • To establish the enabling environment and the development management systems needed to manage, coordinate, monitor and regulate the process of development in the physical environment of the country.
Role of Town and County Planning Department (Regional Level)
  1. Interpret national physical policy as they relate to the Regional policy and programmes >Prepare regional development framework to provide guidelines for district development initiatives. Coordinate the physical and land use related activities and projects of the districts and departments as they relate to the regional development programme.
  2. Advise the Regional Minister on matters relating to development and land use planning by offering expert advice on appeals and petitions directed to the Minister.
Role of T&CPD (Local Level)
  • Interpret national policy on human settlements and land use as they relate to the district policy and programmes.
  • Advise the District Assembly on all matters relating to human settlement development,’’
  • Coordinate activities and projects of all departments and agencies including the NGOAo ensure compliance with planning standards. "
  • Prepare structure plans, sector and detailed plans for towns and villages within the district.
  • Secretariat of the district planning committee.
  • Regulatory Mechanisms for Settlement Planning & Management
  • Town and Country Planning Ordinance, 1945, (Cap 84)
  • Local Government Law, 1993, (Act 462)
  • National Development Planning Commission, 1993, (Act 480)
  • Environmental Protection Act ,1994, (Act 490) National Environmental Sanitation Policy, 1999.
  • Assembly Bye Laws.
Planning Tools
  1. Master Plans. (Zoning plans directing the specified use of land and resources). Traditional & Static Action Plans (Due consideration for implementation, funding and monitoring)
  2. Strategic Plans (Multi Sectorial and Open ended)
  3. Urban Management (Emphasis on politics and decision making mechanisms)

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