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Non- Governmental Organizations
Not much can be said of the NGO’s in the District. However, there has been a recent surge for some NGO’s to collaborate with the District Assembly. There are at the moment some NGO’s whose main focus of operation falls on Child Protection, Education and Poverty Alleviation. These include; Save the Children (UK)

Community Based Organizations (CBO’s)
CBO’s exist in many communities in the District. It must be mentioned that most/ some CBO’s only spring up as a pre- requisite for assessing benefits under such schemes as Health Insurance Scheme, Social Investment Fund, and Health Related Programmes. The need for substantive and more enduring CBO’s in the District is paramount.
  1. Technical advice
  2. More lands released for farming
  3. Standard prices for farm produce
  4. Availability and timely provision of financial assistance
  5. Provision of shelter at competitive rates
  6. Involvement of private sector in the operation of health insurance scheme
  7. Private sector provision of goods and services
  8. Sustainable supply chain of goods and services
  9. Availability of data on areas for investment purposes
  10. Support for credit
  11. Sustainable private sector supply of goods and services especially at affordable prices to users
  12. Privatization of revenue collection
  13. Increased access to processed lands for development

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