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cultural heritage and customs

The people of Bosomtwe are predominantly farmers.  However, those around the lake Bosomtwe combine fishing with farming.  The District has one paramount chief i.e. Kuntanase Traditional Area with about 10 divisional chiefs (Abrempong) in the whole district.

Sacred days in the district are Tuesdays and Fridays. These sacred days are mostly used for communal labour and other activities.  Communal spirit in most communities has dwindled and there is the need to revive the enthusiasm to facilitate development in the district. The chiefs and people of the district also recognize sacred days like Akwasidae, Fofie, Awukudae and    the people do not undertake any farming activities.

Funeral celebration is one aspect of life that the people pay serious attention due to the high reverence the people give to the dead.  There are no serious negative cultural practices in the District.  Ethnic conflicts are uncommon; however, there are few chieftaincy conflicts in some parts of the District.

Religious Compositions
The district has three main types of religion namely; Christian, Islamic and Traditional Religions. With the exception of Jachie, Pramso and Dida and a few communities that have large number of Moslems with concomitant mosques where they worship, all the others are mostly Christians. Traditional religion is also practiced in some of the smaller communities like Adum Afrancho. There is a well-known traditional religion located at Kuntanase popularly known as Nana Oboanipa. All known religious composition can be found in the District. The table below shows the religious composition of the District.

Refer to table in pdf file below.

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