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Bosomtwe-Atwima-Kwanwoma District (Now Bosomtwe) is endowed with a lot of resources, both natural and human. However, the greatest attention is deserved by the Lake Bosomtwe, which is one of the largest natural lakes in the world. This provides huge prospects for the tourism sector, with the potential to become one of the best tourist attractions in the country.

There are 24 villages surrounding the lake, but at the moment, only one settlement, Abono, a fishing community with population of 940, has its tourism potential relatively developed. Abono however offers a tourist’s delight. It is very accessible, with a first class road leading to the place from Kumasi, a 30-minute drive.

There are 24 hours of electricity supply, hotel accommodation, summerhuts, open terrace for sightseeing, boat cruises on the lake itself, and washroom facilities. The popularity of the lakefront among tourists has encouraged the construction of guest houses, an ultra modern restaurant and a conference hall. Other private investors are also developing hotels along the lakefront.

A number of foreigners, as well as Ghanaians, visit the lake every day, and during occasions such as public holidays, thousands of people, local and foreign, pour into the resort. However, the full potential of the lake for tourism purposes seems not to be fully exploited as the lakefront has plenty of spare capacity for the development of tourism facilities to meet rising demand.

Even as Lake Bosomtwe provides unique opportunities for investors in the tourism sector of the district, there are other tourist attractions well worth seeing too. For instance, at Jachie there is a sacred grove which is very fascinating, providing insights into the tradition and culture of the area. And at Piase, there is a waterfall which provides a spectacular view, and the serene atmosphere of the place proves to be very relaxing.

There are enormous quantities of various national resources available for exploitation by investors. There are identified gold deposits at Beposo, Nyameani and Aduampong, and clay deposits at Kokobriko, Oyoko and Nuaso, which create opportunities for the construction industry and pottery.

Sand, another important input for the construction industry, can be found at Abuontem, Jachie and Traboum, while Sewua and Krofrom are known to have copper deposits. At Foase, a vibrant woodcarving industry exists, with plentiful timber inputs, another situation which investors can take advantage of for profits.

The district also boasts of a host of medium – scale industrial activities which, if properly exploited, can contribute to the growth and profitability of the private sector, and by turn, the economic growth of a district, which is a very suitable destination for tourists and serious investors alike.

Gold, Clay and Sand

Plantation farming, Teak, Jetropha, Oil Palm, Citrus, Vegetables etc.

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