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Hon, Presiding Member, Hon. Members of Parliament, Colleague Assembly members, Heads of Department, Invited Guests, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is again indeed a privilege to be in your midst this morning for such an important meeting. I wish to formally welcome Honourable members of the House to this meeting after a long recess. I also wish to request for your maximum co-operation for a successful meeting.

It is exactly four years ago when the Assembly was sworn into office and members would recall the oath we took during the inauguration. We swore to collectively work towards the development of the district as a whole. It is therefore important to cast our minds back and figure out what we have been able to achieve so far.
We must however, recognize that in the midst of the constraints and set-backs, a lot has been achieved by the Assembly. I would therefore take the opportunity to give a brief account of some of achievements chalked during our stewardship.

In the current year, i.e 2006, however, the Assembly estimated for 02,053,300,000.00 as revenue and has to date i.e August, 2006 collected an amount of 0999,794,760.00 representing almost 50% of the revenue estimate. A cursory glance at the Assembly’s revenue items collected over period indicates the following pattern.
1.    Land Processing
This item recorded the highest revenue returns constituting about 80% of Revenue generated.

Property Rate
The area has a lot of potential but only about 20% of it is utilized. It is my hope that revaluation of property and intensified effort will be put in place to ensure that maximum revenue is derived from this sector.

The poor performances in other areas like Basic Rate, fees and Licences in general could be attributed to lackadaisical attitude of the public towards rate payment, Lack of education of the public on rate payment and poor performance on the part of revenue staff. There is a Revenue Mobilization Task Force already in place to address some of there issues but it would appropriate for it to be strengthened with more logistical support to enhance its performance.

Hon. Presiding Member the Assembly during the period under review embarked on a lot of development projects in the following sectors :-
(i)      Health
The Assembly was able to complete four (4) clinics and four (4) Nurses quarters for the Health Institutions.
(ii) Education
Under Education, 8No. 3 - Unit Classroom blocks were provided under the Social Investment Fund (S.I.F), 3No. 3-Unit classroom blocks were constructed under the European Union Project, while 3No. 3-Unit Classroom blocks were also provided under HIPC, thus bringing the total number of 3 - Unit Classroom blocks to fourteen (14).

Under the GETFUND, 4No. 6-Unit Classroom blocks were provided while another 7No. 6-Unit Classroom blocks were also provided under the Social Investment Fund. In all twenty five (25) Classroom blocks, three (3) Teachers quarters and five (5) Day Care Centres were provided under education sector. All the projects have been completed and are in use.

(v) Water and Sanitation Project
The underlisted projects were provided to various communities under the Community Water and Sanitation project;
  • 76 No. Institutional Latrines were provided for 53 schools/Institutions
  • 131     No.     boreholes     were     provided     for    75 communities/Institutions.
  • 498 Household Latrines were also provided for 498 Households.
(vi) Small town Water & Sanitation Project
Under the Small Town Water & Sanitation Project which started in 2002 and is on-going, water would be supplied to Jachie/Pramso and Foase. In addition to the Water Supply, 250 Household Latrines would be constructed at various communities throughout the District.

(vii)   Rural Water and Sanitation Project (iv)
The Rural Water and Sanitation Project (iv) is district wide and demand driven.
Under the project the District expects to benefit as follows:-
Boreholes                                                         -       65
Household Latrines                                            -     220
Institutional Latrines                                          -       14
The project was launched early this year and currently fifteen (15) Latrine Artisans are undergoing training.

(viii) Community Based Rural Development Project (CBRDP)
The Community Based Rural Development (CBRDP) took over the Village Infrastructure Project (VIP).
The Cardinal objective of the project is to strengthen the Sub-Structures of the Assembly i.e Area Councils. The project has given series of training to members of the five (5) Area Councils and some opinion leaders which have resulted in the preparation of their Area plans.

The Area Plans prepared are also forming an integral part of the District Medium Term Development Plan (2006-2008) of the Assembly which is its final state of preparation. The CBRDP is supporting each Area Council with 0150 Million Cedis to undertake prioritised sub project at any location of their choice. It is hoped the money would soon be released for the projects to take off.

(ix) On-going project under HIPC and DACF
Hon. Presiding Member, the following projects are currently on-going at some of the communities in the district.

2    No. 2-Unit Day Care Centres at Patriensa and Old Aduampong
3    No. Nurses quarters at Sawuah, Nweneso II and Abono
1 No. 4-Unit Teachers quarters at Obo.
  • The Post Office at Kuntanase is almost competed and the Assembly has entered into serious negotiations to rent out the building to Ghana Postal Service.
  • 42 Bedroom Hotel at Kokoado
  • District Chief Executive Residence at Kuntanase.
  • Rehabilitation of 16 No. KVIPs - District wide.
  • Renovation   of  2   Unit   Semi-detached   quarters   at Kuntanase.
  • We are hoping that the release of the funds would be regular enough for the projects to be completed on schedule.
Allegations against District Chief Executive
Hon Presiding Member, I am sure most members of the House must have heard of the series of allegation levelled against me by some Members of the House when the Assembly was recess.

I would like to take opportunity to inform the House that the matter is before the Public Relations and Complaints Committee of the Assembly and the Regional Directorate of the BNI has also concluded its investigations into the allegations and I am sure the report is ready for submission to the appropriate authorities.

(x) Payment of Ex-gratia Award
Hon Presiding Member, I am again sure that Honourable   Members   are   aware   of Government’s  pronouncement on payment of ex-gratia award to members of the House. Government has directed District Assemblies to pay between 01.5m and 02.0m. as ex-gratia award for the meritorious service members rendered to the Assembly. The decision on how much to pay rests on us. In taking the decision, however, I would like to remind members to be mindful of the financial constraints within which the Assembly operates and arrive at a reasonable amount.

Hon. Presiding member, I would also like to make a passionate appeal to members to agree for payment of the amount so decided to be in phases. Honourable Presiding Member, before I resume my seat, I would like to thank members most sincerely for the services they rendered to the Assembly during their stewardship and wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

Thank you and God bless you.

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