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industrial sector

Industrial Activities
Industrial activities are on a low scale due to lack of processing machines and storage facilities to meet the demands of the agricultural sector of the Municipality. As a result, farmers dispose of their farm produce at very low prices. However, there are some private entrepreneurs engaged in wood processing, batik making and garri processing.

This was once a major economic activity and a major source of employment in the Municipality. The geological structure of the accounts for the presence of gold deposits found in metamorphosed lava stretching from the Konongo-Odumase area to Juansa and other gold bearing rocks such as granite, biotite and muscovite at Wioso of which some are yet to be exploited to provide income and employment to the people using appropriate technology.

Income Levels
Income levels in the Municipality can be represented in an urban-rural split pattern. The peoples’ income is expended on food, transportation, toiletries, funerals and other social functions. The rural income tends to be high between October through February when there are bumper harvest and decline from March through September depending on the cash crops cultivated. Female household heads could be said to be poorer than men, while women and the youth in urban setting seem to cope better with poverty than their men and rural counterparts.

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