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93.5% of the population is Christian, with only 1.6% Muslim, 0.4% Traditionalist, 0.8% other religion, and a further 3.7% claiming no religion.  Seventh Day Adventists make up a significant portion of the “Other/Not specified Christian” category.  However, the large percentage of this category of Christians is partially due to data collection agents not querying respondents about the specific type of Christianity practiced.

A vast majority of the population of these communities are Akan (93.6%).  The percentage of Akans is highest in Patriensa and Kyekyebiase (97.3% and 97.2%) and lowest in Nyaboo (79.1%) .  

Ewes make up a small percentage of the total population of the communities (2.2%), but form a more significant percentage in both Nyaboo and Obenimase.  Other ethnic groups, each forming around half percentage of the populations, include: Ga-Dangbe, Dagomba, and Mole-Dagbani. 

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