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Incidence of Diseases
In 2005, 26 people were diagnosed as being HIV positive while for the first six months of the year 2006, 9 people tested positive.  The tests were carried out in Akrokerri Health Centre and Benito Clinic in the district.  As a district HIV/AIDS threat to development is real.  This is due to the fact that our neighbouring district, Obuasi Municipal has prevalence rate of 4.0% against the national prevalent rate of 3.1%.  It is against this background that a Five year Strategic Development Plan on HIV/AIDS has been submitted for funding to curb the menace of the disease. 

The plan is in line with the National HIV/AIDS policy, which will include, but not limited to the following:
  • Promoting safe sex
  • Intensifying behavioral change programme
  • Supporting programme for high risk groups
  • Strengthening organizational work at the local level
  • Providing support for people living with HIV/AIDS and their families.
In the year 2005, 21,318 cases of malaria were reported in the various health facilities within the district while in the first six months of 2006, 9,802 cases were reported. (District Health Directorate Fomena).  The abundance of rivers in the district has led to high incidence of black flies in the rainy season.  For example in the year 2005, 3 endemic communities namely Awiamu, Odem and Aboabo together recorded 431 cases of Onchocerciasis.

Availability of Health Professionals

The District has the following health professionals:
  1. Medical Officer                    – I
  2. Medial Assistant                  -  2
  3. P. H. N                               -  2
  4. Midwives                            -  6
  5. C. H. N                              - 10
  6. Enrolled Nurses                   -  4
  7. Technical  Officers               -  2
  8. Field  Technician                 -  2
  9. Dispensary  Technician        -  2
  10. Accountant                         -  1
  11. Account  Assistant               -  1

Government Health Centre

  • Formena   Health  Centre
  • Akrokerri  Health  Centre
  • Aboabo  Health  Centre
  • Fumso  Health  Centre
  • Asokwa  Health  Centre
Mission Health Centre
  • St. Louis Health Centre
  • Bodwesango Health Centre
  • Benito Health Centre
  • Dompoase Health Centre
  • District  Assembly Clinic
  • New Akrofuom Clinic
  • Adom Maternity home, new Ayaase
Non Functional Clinics
  • Clinic at Anhwiaso  Fumso Ketewa (Eu. Project)
  • Community Initiated Clinic at Anomabo.
National Health Insurance Scheme
The Assembly has made significant achievements in the implementation of the Health  Insurance  Scheme.  Some of the activities which have been undertaken in the district include coding of homes, education and sensitization, registration,  training of agents, picture taking etc.
The details are as follows :
  • Total number of people registered   - 25,417
  • Formal sector registered                 - 1,000
  • Total Cards issued                         -   980
  • Beneficiaries                                 -   383
  • Photo – taking                              - 12,000
The Assembly has already registered the scheme with the Registrar General’s Department and has obtained a Certificate of Incorporation.  An eleven (11) member interim board of trustee has been constituted with the scheme manager as the secretary.  The board was inaugurated on 23rd June 2006.

In addition, a management team has been appointed following an interim report conducted by the Assembly in conjunction with the board. Currently, an office for the health insurance management team has been renovated.  The office is located between Old Ayaase junction and  New Ayaase road.

Access to Health Facilities
Accessibility to health facilities in the district is evenly distributed.  However, few communities have problem of accessing their health needs due to long distances coupled with the fact that some of the roads are impassable.  For example, people of Nsokote find it difficult to access their health facilities at Aboabo health centre during the rainy seasons.  Also communities around Agogooso and Adowa have to access their health facilities from Fomena but due to the long distance, they rather access health care at Amansie East, a neighbouring district.

Infant/Maternal Mortality Rate
Adansi North District being a newly created district, is yet to collect data on infant/maternal mortality rate.  Information gathered from the health directorate indicates that infants and mothers are normally referred to hospitals outside the district, when their conditions are critical.

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