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developmental priorities

The development priorities for the plan period 2006-2009 have been selected in conformity with the requirements of the key thematic areas of Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy (GPRSII). The priorities for the various sub structures differ from one to the other.

A number of factors were considered to arrive at the Assembly’s harmonized development priorities for the Assembly using the pair wise ranking and the preference ranking methods for the underlisted priorities.

  1. Increased access to portable water
  2. Effective Development control/land use programme
  3. Modernization of agricultural production programme
  4. Increased Internally Generated Funds (IGF)
  5. Improved health facilities/Health awareness programme
  6. Increased institutional capacity development programmes (DA, Decentralized Depts. Councils)
  7. Improved educational infrastructure programme
  8. Provision of market infrastructure Waste management and sanitation  programme
  9. HIV/AIDS awareness support programmes
  10. Women specific development programmes
  11. Roads and transport related projects
  12. NHIS Implementation
  13. Civic responsibility issues
  14. Support for the physically challenged.

Priorities for Private Sector Competitiveness
The prioritized programme for this thematic area is as follow :

  • Reduce unemployment among the youth
  • Improve agricultural productivity
  • Improve conditions of road networks
  • Facilitate access to credit facilities
  • Tourism development
  • Encourage the formation of viable co-operative societies as productive business enterprises
  • Provision of Irrigation Facilities
  • Expansion of Market Infrastructure
  • Promote private sector involvement in revenue collection
  • Strengthen private sector participation in waste collection and management.

Priorities for Human Resources Development
The prioritized programme for this thematic area is as follows:

  1. Increase geographical and financial access to basic health care
  2. Improve quality of health services delivery
  3. Provision of accommodation for teachers
  4. Provision of educational facilities (workshops for JSS etc)
  5. Effective development control
  6. Increase enrollment at the primary school level
  7. Improvement of housing especially in the rural areas
  8. Increase births and deaths registration.
  9. Provision, improvement and expansion of water supply and sanitation facilities
  10. Improvement of road net work
  11. Improvement of refuse disposal/collection
  12. Expansion of the electricity network 
  13. Provision of residential/office accommodation

Priorities for Good Governance and Civic Responsibility
The prioritized programme for this thematic area is as follows:

  • Provision/furnishing of offices for Area Councils
  • Increase awareness on civic rights and responsibilities 
  • Improve revenue mobilization and streamline expenditure
  • Strengthen Area councils to support the development effort of the MA
  • Provision of office and residential infrastructure for MA

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