Oforikrom MEHO confiscates expired products
A task force from the Environmental Health Department of the Oforikrom Municipal Assembly has undertaken an inspection exercise to confiscate expired manufactured products on the main market.

Date Created : 5/20/2022 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Susana Danso/

The move, according to the taskforce, is also to help discourage the sale of unwholesome goods in the municipality.

The task-force, which was on a monitoring exercise within the municipality, detected that the expiry dates on some of the drinks in some shops had elapsed.

Some of the products seized included Alvaro, Hollandia Yoghurt, Fruit Drinks, pepsodent, Lucozade Energy Drink, Wheat Flavored Milk Drink, Panache, Nunu Milk with the Powder among others.

The Municipal Environmental Health Officer, Madam Constance Akuka noted that, it is mandatory for the department to engage in random checks on consumable products that are hawked or sold in shops within the municipality adding that during festive seasons these expired or soon to expire products are sold at highly deflated prices by sellers to quickly dispose them, so that they don’t run at a loss.

She indicated that other sellers run these products on a promo dubbed “buy one, get one free”, with the intention of attracting consumers in the shortest possible time.

According to her, culprits could be taken to the court of law and when found guilty they may be penalized depending on the severity of their crime.

She therefore advised the general public to be vigilant and observe the expiry dates of any product they purchase.