Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly to Embark on Decongestion Exercise
The Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly will from tomorrow, 19th April, 2023, begin a decongestion exercise along major streets of the municipality to remove unauthorised structures that have been put up along some major streets of the city as part of the organisation of the capital city of the region.

Date Created : 4/18/2023 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : By: Simon Agana Blessing/mywordfmonline.com

This was disclosed by the Assistant Director of the Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly, Mr. Akanmiim Albert Agariga, in an interview with the host of the Community Watch Show on Word FM on Tuesday, 17th April,2023.

Mr. Akanmiim explained that the there are many unauthorised structures that have surfaced along major streets of the city without the knowledge of the assembly which is making the city disorganised, a reason for the exercise.

” If you look along our major streets you will notice that people have put up containers and some have even built structures which the assembly hasn’t authorised. They have no permit from the assembly to do that and it is not making the city look nice. That is why we want to remove all of them.”

Mr. Akanmiim added that the major ares that will be affected include areas along the Bolgatanga-Navrongo Highway around the newly constructed Eastlife Hospital and the Women’s Training centre and along the Stadium road.

“We have noticed that people have put up structures along the stadium road and some are even putting up stores without our knowledge. Also, if you look along the Bolgatanga-Navrongo Highway especially around the Eastlife Hospital and the Women’s Training Centre, we have asked the mechanic there to leave and his time has elapsed and we are taking action.

The exercise will first start from the Eastlife Hospital and the Women’s Training area and subsequently to the other areas.