KETU S: Lotakor, Dornormadi wants Fulani herdsmen sacked
Residents of Lotakor and Dornormadi in the Ketu South Municipality in the Volta Region are appealing to authorities to ensure Fulani herdsmen leave their community so that they can have their lives back.

Date Created : 6/7/2017 4:05:51 AM : Story Author : Dominic Shirimori / Francis Vorsah/

The chiefs and people have expressed worry that the persistent destructions of their farmlands, farm produce and pollution of water bodies is greatly affecting their livelihoods.



According to them the cattle owners arrived in the area with their herds of over 1000 about six years ago from nowhere under the control of the former assembly member Mr. Vincent Amevor. And ever since their lives have never been the same due to problems from activities of the herdsmen.



The chiefs lamented that they were not formally informed about the arrival of the cattle in their villages. “As custom demands, strangers must introduce themselves to chiefs before they lodge at any place in their territory”.


The chiefs said they received a lot of complains regularly and forward most of them to the police but accuse the police service of not helping them get justice.



They added that anytime they take their case to the police, nothing positive comes out of it, and even when promises are made by these cattle owners to compensate them for their loses, they never fully fulfilled the compensation package.


The people said they have also become helpless because the Fulanis have become powerful and do not accord the chiefs and people any respect. They are engaged in all sort of unlawful activities including snatching the wives of the villagers, allowing their cattle to eat-up people’s crops in their farms and destroy the crops.


Worst still, they easily cause the arrest of anyone who criticized or speak against their unlawful behavior.



They also alleged that Mr. Vincent Amevor, former assembly member, is solidly behind their actions hence their boldness to continue perpetrating such violent actions. “Now the Fulanis threaten to send us to court if we stand against their actions”, one of the residents lamented.


Meanwhile, the youth have refused to honour any call or invitation from their chiefs and threatened not to part take in any communal labour until the cattle are taken out of their communities.



They have also threatened a reprisal attack if the fulanis allow their cattle to damage their properties including farms produce again.