Bekwai Municipal obtain court order to burn expired items
The Bekwai Municipal Assembly has obtained court order and burnt expired food items and drinks they confiscated from stores and supermarket within the Municipality on Wednesday 29th of August, 2018.

Date Created : 8/31/2018 5:01:56 AM : Story Author : Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/

Municipal Environmental Health Officer, Samuel Yaw Adom in an interview pointed out that the burning of the items has not brought to an end their operation, they would embark on more confiscation of more expire food items which are not good for human consumption.

Mr. Samuel Yaw Adom urged adults to be more vigilant and check the expiring date of food items, as weeks back, two young ladies came to the Assembly to report of expired biscuit from Kumasi that was sold to them.

The traders refused to refund their money to them when they dictated the expired item, they had to come in and confiscate the items and got their money refunded back to them.

He further added that the Assembly brought persons from the police and fire service to witness that the items confiscated were not clandestinely sold back for consumption and had been burnt.