Engage vigilantes productively - Apostle Baffoe Antwi
The Atebubu area head of the Church of Pentecost, Apostle Kenneth Baffoe Antwi has said moves to disband the various vigilante groups in the country will come to naught if no efforts are made to engage them productively.

Date Created : 4/12/2019 3:17:45 AM : Story Author : Daniel Oduro-Stewart/

He said merely dismembering the groups without engaging them in one income generating activity or the other cannot be a lasting solution to the problem as in his opinion these people are likely to regroup later at the behest of their political pay masters or channel their energies into other nefarious activities with dire consequences for the country adding that engaging them productively will simply make them unavailable for exploitation by others.

In an interview in Atebubu, Apostle Baffoe Antwi expressed doubts in the efforts of the two leading parties: the New Patriotic Party NPP and the National Democratic Congress NDC to resolve the situation without seeking to put the strength of these people to alternative use.

“There is the need for us to understand that members of these groups are part of us and any move to deal with the situation should first seek to find out who these people are and why they are involved in vigilantism.” Apostle Antwi said,

He stated that though most of these people may not be on top in terms of academic credentials they have their individual strengths which the country could harness for our benefit.

“Nations are not built by intellectuals alone so we need to tap into the energies of these young men and deploy them in areas where their youthful energies and bravado could be used to benefit themselves, their families and the country at large.” He said.

Quoting extensively from the book of first Samuel chapters 17 and 18, the area head compared the present situation to the story of David in the bible. He said David at the time he slain Goliath was too young to even pass for the army but given the chance he saved the entire Israel.

He said when King Saul decided to persecute David; he fled with some 700 rebels who the entire Israeli army could not stand when they clashed subsequently.

The area head of the church of Pentecost referred to the decision of the President of France to grant legal status and formal employment to an illegal Burkinabe migrant for his bravery in climbing a five storey building with bare hands to save a child whose life was in danger.

He opined that some of these young men could be integrated into our various security services on merit while others with other skills could be supported to get themselves engaged productively for the benefit of the country.