District Agricultural census implementation committee inaugurated
The District Chief Executive for the Nanumba South District, Mr. Nantogmah Ibrahim Munkaila on behalf of the minister for agriculture, inaugurated a 4 member District implementation committee to over-see and ensure the effective conduct of the exercise.

Date Created : 5/15/2018 6:47:06 AM : Story Author : Ziblim Mumuni/

The team include: the coordinating director, agric director, development planning officer and the District information officer.

According to the DCE, the principal objective of the exercise is to produce and disseminate a complete and effective agricultural data across the country for effective policy and planning purposes.

This will enable policy framers and Government design policies and programs which will ensure an aggressive transformation of agriculture in Ghana.

The census according to him will take statistics of various households and institutions involved in agriculture or agriculture related enterprises. The areas of interest will be among others: crops farming, tree planting, fish farming and livestock farming over a 4 year period from January 2016 to December 2019 in four phases.

As part of the exercise, information will also be collected on some community facilities and infrastructure.

As a matter of fact, the specific responsibilities of the DMT include:
• Coordination and implementation of the census of agriculture project in the District.
• Ensure the provision and availability of facilities for all activities of the census of agriculture operations.
• Assist with the recruitment of field staff and last but, not least, ensure that effective education and publicity of the census of agriculture is carried out in the District.