Atebubu-Amantin Municipal Assembly approves budget for 2019
The Atebubu-Amantin municipal assembly has approved an amount of GHC 8,347,759.41 as its composite budget for 2019.

Date Created : 10/25/2018 11:11:36 AM : Story Author : Daniel Oduro-Stewart/

The amount comprises among others, grants, donor funds, the district assembly common fund, compensation for employees and the district development fund.

Presenting the estimates at a second ordinary meeting of the assembly for the year in Atebubu, the municipal budget analyst Mr. Festus Bukroh said the assembly projects to collect an amount of GHC 1,500,000.00 as internally generated funds over the period.

He said an amount of GHC 1,894,899.48 has been earmarked for compensation to staff of the assembly, whiles GHC 97,610.41 and GHC 75,397.00 are expected from grants and donor funding for agriculture respectively.

On the district assembly common fund, Mr. Bukroh said the assembly is expected to receive an amount of GHC 3,915,945.80 for the period with a total of GHC 863,905.72 to be accrued from the district development fund.

On expenditure the budget analyst said, 20% of IGF estimated at GHC300, 000.00 will be applied to capital projects whiles institutions like the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development, the Department of Agriculture, Town and Country Planning Department the Department of Feeder Roads will benefit from the expected grants.

He said GHC 812,492.72 of the district development facility will be applied to investment projects while the remaining GHC 51,413.00 will be used for capacity building.