Mamprugu Moaduri District working on health delivery
Mamprugu Moaduri District Assembly has completed construction of two Community Based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) Compounds at Katigri and Nagruma but yet to furnish them with medical equipment.

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Also, at Kpatogu, contract works is ongoing on yet another CHIPS compound, But, the District has no hospital.

At Kubori health centre in the District, according to the DCE, Hon. Abu Adam, nurses’ accommodation had been completed this year and that the health centre is been managed by a health assistant and a laboratory facility had been approved for the facility, but currently the centre has no adequate bed for patients.

The DCE said the Assembly had made provision for some furniture for a number of CHIPS Compounds including; 30 at Kubori, 20 at Yagaba and 20 at Loogri. Those facilities have also received a television set each.

The DCE said this year, the District had procured good quantity of anti-snake serum in view of its rampant snake bites during the warm season.
Besides, the Assembly had received two ambulances; one was procured by the Assembly and the other, a donation by the then vice presidential running mate, Dr. Mohamudu Bawumia.

When asked, the DCE said the ambulance procured by the Assembly was on maintenance for the past two months and would be brought back to the District by next week. The one by the Vice president, he said was also down and yet to be worked on.
He said the situation was affecting health delivery in the District; following that just yesterday his car was used to send some personnel involved in an accident to the hospital and that absence of the ambulance was a precursor particularly to woman in child bearing labour.
Water Supply

The Hon. DCE said there was the need to improve water supply both at the health facilities and in the communities.

He noted that a major hurdle to water supply in the District was ‘low water table’ and to that there was the need for the area to capitalize on its several river bodies to solve its water crisis once and for all by creating a facility to tap water from those rivers to supply the District.
The DCE congratulated World Vision International and other organisations on their numerous boreholes constructed across the District, but that most of those boreholes were low yielding and could not be mechanised.

He said the District had benefitted from some seven Small Town Water Systems this year.