Disregard fake CAGD report – Bayport urges Ghanaians
The Management of Bayport Savings and Loans has urged the general public especially it customers to disregard negative publication on social media about the financial institution which is aimed at throwing dust into the eyes of the general public.

Date Created : 12/10/2018 11:57:31 PM : Story Author : William Dei-Gyau/

This passionate appeal was made by the Company's Sales Manager, Eric Segbedzi in a release copied

"Our attention has been drawn to a false publication circulating on Social Media purported to have been issued by the Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD) instructing government workers to desist from doing business with us" the release reads.

The Sales Manager categorically discredit such report saying, "this information is FALSE and thus we implore all staff and the general public to treat the information as such, and as management we do concern about our cherished customers".

The release reads further that "we are currently engaging CAGD to issue a disclaimer on this publication to allay all fears and doubts this may have caused".

The sales manager indicated that cross-checks at the Controller and Accountant Department reveals, other financial institutions are using the name of Bayport Savings and Loans which he claims is never true.

"From the office of the Controller and Accountant General Department, other financial institutions are using our name against Bayport Savings and Loans LTD, which is not true"

He again claims that the Bayport Savings and Loans is doing tremendously well compared to other financial institutions and boast that bayport was ranked 57th position in the 2018 club 100, while other financial institutions were out of the race.

The Sales Manager stated, "Bayport pays off loans for all financial institution, gives customers loans with zero affordability, gives car loan without collateral amongst other services which its competitors have, as the reason behind the false publication”.

The Savings and Loans which is believed to have a strong local and international stakeholders with about 30 branches Nationwide reiterates its commitment to its customers.

"Our promise to our customers remain same; to give them superior customer experiences, characterized by professional conduct and acting in their best interest. That is a promise we uphold every day”.

Mr. Eric Segbedzi therefore called on customers of Bayport, and especially CAGD staffs to fear not for there is no course for alarm.