NADOWLI-K: Stop Sand Mining – DCE
The saying, "leadership by example ", was translated into practical terms when the Nadowli-Kaleo District Chief Executive (DCE),Madam Katherine T.Lankono , physically engaged herself in a communal labour with the people of Nator to gravel the only road that link them to Takpo in the district.

Date Created : 9/14/2018 8:16:49 AM : Story Author : Muniru Ibrahim/

On Monday, part of the road was washed away by rain which left the people helpless.

To the utter amazement of everybody present, the guest of honour turned out in a working gear, leaped on the road and spent several hours with the residents filling up the washed away part f the road, they used logs, stones and gravel to fill the road that will serve as a short term measure while waiting on central government to come to their aid.

The news of the DCE's physical involvement in the communal labour quickly spread round, drawing many more residents from their hideouts to join in the communal labour.

In an address, the DCE said ,Due to intense pressure that keeps mounting on the District Assemblies’ Common Fund, community members would have to rekindle the spirit of ‘communal labour’ for the development of the district, She said the budget of the Assembly is always very tight and cannot serve everyone in the district at a go.

She advised the residents not to engage in sand mining in the community which she said is one of the reasons the road has been washed away,’last month I pass here with my driver and my district engineer and I saw people mining sand just by the road, and when I asked I was told that it is the community members who gave them the permission, if it is true you have to stop it ‘the DCE stress.

She said, she has appealed to a contractor working on the Kaleo to Sankana road to help the community with four trips of gravel whiles the Assembly mobilize money to construct a point 9 culvert on the road to prevent future occurrences on the road.

The Assembly Member of the area Hon.Tuurah Francis thanked the DCE for her kind responds and prayed for the DCE for good health.