TWIFO A M: Health directorate introduces GIFTS programme
The TwifoAtti-Morkwa District Health Directorate in collaboration with the Ghana Education Service on April 30, 2019 during the 1st Ordinary General Assembly Meeting, unveiled a project dubbed “GIFTS”.

Date Created : 5/14/2019 4:27:03 AM : Story Author : Rebecca Yamra/

The introduction of the Girls’ Iron Folic Acid Tablet Supplementation (GIFTS) programme by the Ghana Health Service and Ghana Education Service is to control the anaemic conditions within TwifoPraso and the Central Region at large.

A survey carried out by the Ghana Health Service indicated that, four (4) in every ten (10) women are anaemic. Female adolescents are especially at high risk of becoming anaemic because of menstruation, puberty and their tendency of being pregnant.

The TwifoAtti-Morkwa District Health Director, together with team members of the GIFTS programme assured the district that, school children between the ages of 10-19 would be dosed with Folic Acid every Wednesday in their schools (once a week dosage). Children of the same age who are out of school would be dosed as well if they should visit the closest medical facility under the supervision of health officers at the facility.

However, the remaining population above the age of 20 years are also advised to eat a variety of foods as well as foods rich in iron and purchase an Iron and Folic Acid (IFA) supplementation tablet from licensed pharmacies and chemical stores.