Practical Entrepreneurship and Financial Education conference held at Ejisu
The Kumasi City Incubation Hub in partnership with the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan (NEIP) has held a day’s programme on entrepreneurship and financial management Conference in the Ejisu Municipal Assembly on December 11, 2018.

Date Created : 12/19/2018 8:01:24 AM : Story Author : Esinam P. Ibrahim/

The programme which was under the theme: “Building the Capacity of people to harness the job and wealth creation potential of the local economy in Ejisu” is expected to be replicated in the remaining two zones.

The National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan (NEIP) is a flagship policy initiative of the government of Ghana with the primary objective of providing an integrated national support for start-ups and small business.

The Chief Executive Officer of NEIP Hon. Lawyer John Kumah was part of the speakers for the conference and delivering his speech to the trainees, he said this was an opportunity for Ejisuman to benefit from the policy initiative of the government of Ghana. He quoted the president as saying “NEIP will accelerate job creation and provide entrepreneurial to Ghanaian youth with a critical alternative salaried employment”. Hon Lawyer John Kumah also explained the trainees needed such education to be able to use the funds appropriately.

Moreover Lawyer John Kumah made mention of the one district one factory project of the government which the municipality is going to benefit from the ware house project at Essienimpong; and also 5billion funding initiative by himself to support entrepreneurs in Ejisu

In rapping up, he thanked the people of Ejisu for their support pushing him to his current position. He also advice the entrepreneurs to take their training seriously especially book keeping.

Mr Franklin Owusu-Karikari, on his part, stressed the trainees to have a life plan for a better future. Life is garbage in garbage out (GIGO) thus one plans his life now is how one will enjoy it at old age. As entrepreneurs, they are to avoid causes of failure as it is a result of lack of ambition to aim above mediocrity, lack of self-discipline and laziness among others.

“Lazy hands makes poverty but diligent hands makes wealth”-Entrepreneurs should be ever ready for change and also adopt different avenue of generating income and wealth such as an employee and employer, self-employed and investor he re-treated. He enumerated some attributes of entrepreneurs being confidence/courageous, competence and cash flow to increase job and multiple streams of income to becoming wealthy.

He stated that amount of fund the government gives has an interest of 10% and repayment duration of two (2) years. The MCE Hon. Beatrice Serwaah Derkyi was the guest speaker for the conference, she told the trainees to take training seriously and that was an opportunity to all to create wealth and also jobs. Hon. Beatrice Serwaah Derkyi asked the CEO to make sure Ejisu benefits from the national cake.

Lastly, she was grateful people participated in such an educative program as this will help improve the NEIP initiative.