Daffiama-Bussie-Isssa to benefit from 1V1D project
One Village one dam initiative by government is to boost agriculture through the construction of irrigation dams in every village in the three regions of the north.

Date Created : 5/15/2018 5:24:37 AM : Story Author : Rosemary Obeng Yeboah/

In agreement with this policy, ten (10) Communities in the Daffiama/Bussie/Issa District of the Upper West Region are to benefit from the one village one dam initiative by government through Northern Development Authority & Ministry of Special Development Initiative.

Some of the (10) communities to benefit include: Kamahegu, Chabaa, Tabiasi, Kojokperi, Jolin-yir, Challa, Duang, Issa, Daffiama, Moyiri.

The construction of the dams is expected to commerce soon in the beneficiary communities and the idea behind the construction of these dams is to help improve and ensure all year round agriculture, particularly irrigation farming.

Speaking with, the DCE indicated that, Agriculture is the stronghold of the people in the district that has employed about 85% of the population in food crop production. However, production in the sector largely remains subsistence with low output levels.

The agriculture sector is characterized by crop farming and livestock production and the estimated growth rate of the sector is 2.1% per annum, which is below the national target of 6% per annum.

Mr. Imoro Sanda stated that, this great initiative will boost crop and livestock production in the entire District.