U DENKYIRA E: Residents cry over poor road network
Residents of Dunkwa community in the Upper Denkyira East Municipal Assembly of the Central Region are appealing to the government to help them get their fair share of the national cake by providing them with better road network.

Date Created : 7/10/2018 5:45:40 AM : Story Author : Rosemary Obeng-Yeboah/

According to the residents, the road has become a death trap to new road users and if care is not taken, human lives will be lost.

“The road has been causing accident each and every day. People have been losing their lives because of the nature of the road. We have witnessed a lot of accidents on the road”, a resident claim.

Some of the people described the bad nature of the roads as streams, or dams especially during the raining season which makes movement difficult especially at night.

Some drivers who use the road also expressed how they always have to visit mechanics every time they use the road.

Mr. Kwasi Attah a driver said “We have to always visit the mechanic anytime we use the road because of our vehicles always breakdown and as a result, we sometimes do not want to use the road at all. We are urging our authorities to fix the roads for us. This is raining season and potholes have been created on the road, if a driver is not careful and falls into them it is likely to cause accidents.”

The GPRTU Chairman of Dunkwa, Isaac Asimah told that due to the bad nature of the roads, it was difficult to rush sick people to the hospital on time during emergencies.

Mr. Asimah urged that road authorities should rather be blamed for a high rate of accidents on our roads, not the drivers because the road authorities are not doing their work to keep the roads in the country safe.

“it is about time the roads authorities get out from the air condition office and work because they supposed to work outside not inside”, he said.

Mr. Samuel Danso, the Assistant Vice Chairman of the Union added that “cars carrying passengers on the road charge exorbitant fares looking at the nature of the road, avoidable accidents happen on the road every time because of the nature of the potholes, road users tried to dodge the potholes resulting in unnecessary accidents, motorists knocking down commuters and sometimes vehicles running into each other.

I am therefore calling on the government to come to our aid and to put pressure on the contractor to expedite work on the road”.

According to some traders selling by the roadside, the dust from the road poses some health problems for them.

Aunty Ama Pokuaa, a fruit seller, said her wares always become dirty and she has to wash them several times before she could attract buyers.

She also lamented that they inhale the dust leading to most of them getting respiratory problems especially flu.

They, therefore, appealed to authorities to come to their aid to end the death trap on their roads.