Anum Salvation Army Clinic receives health delivery equipment
The Family of the Chiefs of Nkwakubew, a community in the Asuogyaman District, Nana Kwame Gyau VI together with Peckskill Presbyterian Church in the New York, last Sunday presented some health delivery items to the Anum Salvation Army Clinic to boast health delivery activities of the clinic.

Date Created : 1/22/2019 7:07:12 AM : Story Author : William Dei-Gyau/

The donation made of both drugs and non-consumable items includes Haemotology Analyzer Machine, Microscope, surgical and disposable gloves, hoemoglobin strips (Hb), gauze roll and bandage, cotton wool and ringers lactate.

Dextrose 5%, dextrose normal saline, normal saline, syringe with needles 2mls, 5mls and 10mls, and azar are the non-consumable materials donates to the clinic.

Others are Tab amoxiclove 625mg, tab cefuroxime 250mg and 500gm, susp. Amoxiclove 228.5mg, artemether injection, clindamycin 300mg, azithromycin 500mg and 250mg, tab erythromycin 250mg, cap flucloxacillin 250mg, artesunate injection 30mg, 60mg and 120mg.

Presenting the items to the administrator of the Clinic by Nana Kwame Gyau VI who double as the Gyasehene of the Anum Traditional Area at the forecourt of the clinic, he cautioned the staff of the clinic to make good use of the equipment.

The Chief who claims to have made presentations to the clinic for the past ten years laments on how he was frustrated after requesting for a letter of acknowledgement.

"Mr. Chairman, acknowledgement is very important to the clinic, I pressed for a letter of acknowledgement to show to my friends that I have done what they charged me to do, but did not received it" he lamented.

He further accused the facility of not keeping proper records.

“Mr. Chairman, permit me once again to put on record that for over ten years I have been donating various health delivery items to this clinic on the quiet and to my dismay there are no records to show".

Nana Kwame Gyau VI explained that this attitude of the facility has pushed him to adopt new strategy of donating to the clinic.

"This time I want the general public to know and be witnesses to it that we outside the thinks well of them. For sustainable development thrives on the shoulders of strong-healthy citizenry. We cannot feed the whole people of Anum, but at least we can help the Government of Ghana to provide you with some of your basic health needs" he said.

On her part the Administrator of the Anum Salvation Army Clinic Major Magret Amponsah after receiving the items on behalf of the clinic expressed their appreciation to the family of the great Chief and the Peckskill Presbyterian Church in New York for their gesture and then promised to make good use of it.

She also promise to address the issues raised by the chief.

“Nana Kwame Gyau VI, we at the Anum Salvation Army Clinic are very sorry for those frustrations you have gone through over the year we have taken your advice on good fate and promise to address them at the appropriate time" she pleaded.

She also ceased the opportunity to call on other well-meaning citizens of Anum to come to their aid as they are in need of so many things to meet their vision of becoming either a polyclinic or hospital by the year 2024.

“Critical among our needs is a medical doctor, medical technicians, laboratory technicians, medicines, male, female and children's ward as well as surgical wards for male, female and children's.